Side protector A1 Fino
Side protector A1 Fino
Side protector A1 Fino
Side protector A1 Fino
Side protector A1 Fino
Side protector A1 Fino
Side protector A1 Fino
Side protector A1 Fino

Side protector A1 Fino

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What is it?

The ML INNOVATIONS car side protector with anti-theft system is a utility and security tool for your vehicle.            

Thanks to this product you can solve the problem of small bumps, scratches and bites on the sides of your vehicle during parking anywhere and parking.

How do you install?

Installation and removal is very simple as you can see in the video.

Installation and removal is very simple as you can see in the instructions it includes.

Installs in approximately 5 seconds, remaining firmly attached to the vehicle through its powerful neodymium magnets coated and protected especially against scratches.

To remove it, all you have to do is detach the magnets and easily fold, fold or roll the protector.

The product's anti-theft system prevents the protector from being removed during use in the vehicle. The system consists of a 4-millimeter-thick steel cable, covered with rubber, remaining inside the vehicle with a final ball that prevents it from being removed.


In this way, it manages to avoid conflicts with the parking neighbors, either due to carelessness or lack of concern, while maintaining the physical and aesthetic value of the vehicle.

Any parking area will become a safe place.

The protector is especially resistant to dirt and easy to clean, water-repellent, waterproof, non-slip, anti-bacteria and anti-fungal.

Made of plastic fibers and polyester highly resistant to breakage and impacts.

For which vehicles is it suitable:

They are manufactured for cars with metallic doors or areas to protect, which is 90% of those that are sold, in cars with the area to protect in aluminum or plastic it does not work, all magnets on the market only adhere to metal. We have solutions adapted for vehicles with non-metallic doors, but you must contact our company before ordering.

Before buying any magnetized protector, make sure that the area to be protected is metallic and not made of any other material, fiber, aluminum, stainless.

To do this, you only have to check it with a magnet (any fridge magnet works), if the magnet sticks or attracts it, it is metallic so you will not have any problem using it. If the parts are not metallic the magnets do not adhere. In this case, consult the different options that we can offer for these cases.

Protector Features A-1:

Weight: 1200 grams.

Measurements: Length 2,000 x Width 650 x Thickness 4 millimeters

It is the protector that covers the most surface of the doors, being the longest and widest of those we offer. It is the thinnest, it is especially effective against scratches, scratches and small normal impacts in any narrow square.


If the protector is for a recently painted vehicle, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that the paint be completely dry, even if the paint looks dry on the outside, it takes days to dry inside, it depends on the type of paint, treatment and drying of the ironer. It is the ironer who will be able to answer you, but above all to make sure to correctly give you the days for its total drying.

If the paint is not dry properly, the magnets due to the pressure could leave marks that you could not remove without re-sanding and painting the area.

It is very important to remove the protector before moving the vehicle. It cannot be left installed in motion.


Product protected under patent.


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